Branded Parasols

Branded Parasols

Tradewinds printed parasols can be seen across the globe in relaxed laid-back surroundings, which make them the perfect outdoor advertising medium.

In this section you will find a step-by-step guide on how to go about ordering printed parasols.

You will also be able to browse through a picture gallery, showcasing how the who’s who of brands have seized the branding opportunity that the Tradewinds parasol presents.

Maximise leverage for your brand by combining your valuable brand with the timeless style and quality of the Tradewinds range of parasols.

The simple functionality of the Tradewinds parasol will add value to your advertising campaign through versatility and broad exposure.

Ordering branded parasols:

1. Determine how many colours appear in your logo.

You’ll also need to e-mail your logo to us. Attach it to an e-mail message and send

it to

2. Determine the size, colour and range that best suits your needs.

If you are not sure which parasol to choose, browse through our product range or

contact us for assistance.

3. Determine your order size.

From one to infinity, we can supply your every order requirement.


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