Parasols Maintenance

Opening the umbrella and Safety

When opening the umbrella, pull out the ribs to ensure they move freely, and then gently pull on

the pulley cord to slowly raise the sliding hub upwards. Continue to raise until the fabric is taut

and then insert the pin into the highest possible hole. A tautly erected umbrella will be stronger

and will not allow the canvas to whiplash in the wind which may cause the strut ends to break.

The umbrella should be closed prior to the onset of strong gusty wind conditions and covered

with heavy duty protective PVC cover only when dry.


Timber & Aluminium Maintenance

The aluminium components of this umbrella may be cleaned with detergents such as Handy

Andy. It is recommended that Natural Timber Sealer or similar high quality sealer or penetrating

oil specified for outdoor applications be used for maintenance of the wooden hub.



Fabric Maintenance

To clean the fabric, open the umbrella and put on its side and remove dirt using a soft brush with

water. In order to protect the Teflon properties, use only a mild detergent that does not contain

ammonia and never dry-clean the fabric.