Poly Wicker Maintenance

Poly Rattan is basically the most common synthetic alternative to traditional rattan for Garden Furniture – It has been designed to look the same but offer a more resistant and economical alternative.  Most rattan furniture advertised is in fact Poly Rattan, as is all our furniture available on the Tradewinds Parasol web site.


All that is required of you is to keep the furniture clean. All you have to do is hose it down with water. No detergents, just plain water to clean the dust off. Should you have some stubborn dirt that won’t come off, please use a mild soap with water (dishwashing soap for example) and clean away.

Please note that the glass used on the Poly Rattan tables can become a magnifier in direct sunlight – this can cause damage to the Poly Rattan material. We recommend that you use a PVC protective cover when the furniture is not in use, or remove the glass from the table. and place it in a safe area when not in use.

Benefits of Poly Rattan Patio Furniture

Firstly, polyethene is chosen for synthetic rattan garden furniture because it is very resistant to wear and tear – making it ideal for the SA weather!  It is lighter and stronger so it can weaved into various shapes giving it much more variety in the garden. It is also extremely weather proof and with regular maintenance it can last for years outside – although we do recommend putting them under a cover for the winter months – and definitely storing cushions indoors in order to keep them in pristine condition.

Secondly, because it is plastic it does not attract bugs and wildlife infestation – meaning it can be used without worry in any type of garden

And finally, it is child proof!  Because of the strong frame and the hand woven rattan effect, rattan garden furniture can withstand a lot of abuse, although we don’t recommend telling that to the kids!