Tradewinds has a committed and long-term view on sustainability which runs through the ethos of the company, its people, and all aspects of our parasol manufacturing.


Our parasols have a long lifecycle, typically durable for atleast 10 years. This means you don’t have to change your parasol every year or season.

Every single part of the parasol can be replaced, and we have a dedicated service and repair section. If the products are no longer in use, we give the wood a second life, repurposing them as beach chairs or other innovative products. Likewise with canvasses, we make into colourful cover bags, traffic bollards, plastic furniture, and playground equipment. We are constantly challenging our teams to use recycled materials creatively.

Kiln eco-efficiency


Our factory uses eco-friendly kilns which drastically shortens the drying process. Wood chip (waste) is used as fuel.


Timber waste is further reduced as we finger joint the planks that don’t make the grade. Cut offs are used for pavement signs.


An industry leading initiative is our gasifier which utilises our wood dust and produces electricity for the factory ensuring green energy.


We are continuously investing in solar as the factory expands to further reduce our need for fossil fuel driven electricity from the grid.

Packaging and Logistics

We use paper instead of Styrofoam to fill our boxes and paper tape instead of PVC to secure goods without compromising safety of the products. Instruction copy has been streamlined to use less ink. When we load our parasols on pallets, we save room in the containers.

The moment an order is placed, we utilise the most eco-efficient method of transportation to maximise space usage, be it sea, boat, or train. Our experience in efficient planning and combination drops ensure optimal use of logistics thus reducing our carbon footprint.